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Green Ribbon Over Water

L.I.B.O. AWR Competition Entry

Green Ribbon Over Water is a project created for the design competition L.I.B.O. We along with other designers designed an anchor building that could be utilized as a live-work building. The area where this project is located is a major shipping port and the use of shipping containers made since to highlight the major industry of the area as well as the reuse of the containers that are discarded. 

In order to prevent the containers from resembling an otherwise stagnant stack of modules the use of a monolithic ribbon creates an armature that cradles the containers off the ground and encapsulates them into a larger volume. the ribbon serves to differentiate the public space and the private residence. While allowing a medium for green space to flow onto and become the roof garden. This building becomes the anchor for the peninsula so creating an approachable space that evokes an inviting emotion through views was essential to draw people into the usable public space. 

By creating a destination space at the ground level of the structure and lifting the private space, the entire end of the peninsula can be used as public space. A wine and cheese shop on the ground floor can draw people in from outside of the development as well as give the locals a place to mingle and become involved with the rest of the immediate population. 

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